A pickup truck drove through a crowd and struck one victim early Sunday morning on North Frances St. and University Ave. according to the Madison Police Department.

The suspect fled the scene before police arrived and the victim was brought to the hospital with minor injuries. MPD said they are reviewing traffic footage and several leads.

According to anonymous eyewitness accounts, via reporting from Madison 365, the victim was a Black woman, and MPD pepper-sprayed the victim’s brother after the incident, because he wasn’t moving away from his sister. The spray also hit some of the crowd.

The MPD report said the officers used spray to create space around the victim after some members of the gathered crowd, which they called “highly agitated and aggressive,” allegedly tried to hinder MPD’s attempt to help the victim. An ambulance arrived on scene about eight minutes after MPD arrived, taking the victim to the hospital by 2:39 a.m.

According to Madison 365 witness accounts, the gathered crowd was peaceful ⁠— some people were jumping on cars, but the crowd overall was hanging out and having fun prior to the incident. When the truck struck the victim, a witness said members of the crowd rushed to her aid.

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MPD reported that citizens misidentified the driver of the truck as someone who worked at Wando’s Bar and Grill, but at this time, MPD says there is nothing to suggest a connection between the crime and the restaurant.

MPD is still investigating this incident and asks anyone with information to contact Madison Area Crime Stoppers At 266-6014 or to visit P3Tips.com.

Impact Demand and other community organizers held a protest today for the victim and against police response to the crime, which started at James Madison Park at 3 p.m. and crossed Madison, at one point gathering at the Capitol while protestors chanted “Black lives matter.”