ASM proposes replacing removed Black Lives Matter sign

Sign came down during cleaning, hasn't been put back up


Stop white-washing NFL protests — they are about systemic racism, not Trump

The goal of kneeling during the national anthem has been, and will always be, justice for people of color

Letter to the Editor

Divestment resolution forces Jewish students bear weight of discrimination, anti-Israel sentiment

ASM deceptively revives, passes anti-Semitic divestment resolution


ASM reaffirms only some lives matter

While council members can choose to table a discussion on injustice, marginalized students remain forced to live with them

UW-Madison Campus

Resistance won’t end with International Women’s Day: Panelists encourage student, political activism

'Anti-Trump' event discussed how patriarchy, capitalism affect women's rights, current political system

UW-Madison Campus

ASM receives complaint about Black Lives Matter sign

Representatives to host event for students to voice concern about campus carry bill

City of Madison

Didn’t read the news this semester? We recapped it all for you

Fall semester that was: From the election to sexual assault arrests, this semester has been historic


What UW can learn from its students after a never-ending semester of protests

Administration shows potential to grow but still lacks foresight when under pressure

UW-Madison Campus

Best-selling author educates public on racism in nontraditional history textbook

James Loewen said state books often omit or downplay unfaltering race events in American history


Ravings of a future stay-at-home dad: On white hesitance

Part of acting against racism today is accepting, counteracting racism of our ancestors