A Dane County judge ruled Thursday that a rape crisis advocate who counseled one of the victims and participated in a police interview may have to testify as a witness in the trial of former University of Wisconsin football player Quintez Cephus’s alleged sexual assaults.

According to WKOW, rape crisis advocate Valarie Johnson counseled one of the victims and, according to authorities, attended an interview conducted by a Madison Police Department detective with the victim.

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WKOW reported that Cephus’ attorney Kathleen Stilling said the interview transcript shows Johnson interrupting the victim throughout the interview, adjusting the victim’s statements.

While Judge William Hanrahan noted that communications between a victim and a rape crisis advocate carry legal confidentiality. He added that Johnson’s behavior during the interview went beyond counseling.

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Since Johnson went beyond her job, Hanrahan said Cephus’ attorneys are allowed to call her as a witness.

Cephus was charged with 2nd-degree sexual assault of an intoxicated victim and 3rd-degree sexual assault after an incident that allegedly occurred in April. He is scheduled to stand trial July 29.