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Judge rules rape crisis advocate may testify in Cephus trial

Advocate counseled one of the victims after alleged assault

UW-Madison Campus

Cephus trial to be reset, court says case ‘not ripe’ at this time

Trial for former UW football player was originally scheduled to begin this week


UW ought to hold off on Title IX investigation until Cephus’ criminal trial concludes

Cephus is suing Board of Regents, UW administrators on violation of fifth amendment rights

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Quintez Cephus enters not guilty plea

30 days were given for both sides to gather evidence for discovery

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Quintez Cephus sues UW for violating constitutional rights during disciplinary investigation

Lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount of money for a number of alleged damages

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UPDATED: UW wide receiver Quintez Cephus bound over for trial for felony sexual assault after state refuses to drop charges

Cephus was charged with second degree sexual assault of intoxicated victim, third degree sexual assault


Following sexual assault allegations against UW football player, public response mirrors a troubling trend

From limited institutional response to rapid defenses, cases of sexual assault involving athletes leave much to be desired


Quintez Cephus case about more than football

Though Cephus left team, Danny Davis is slated to return next week despite involvement in incident


Chryst’s punishment of Davis for involvement in sexual assault fails to meet moral standards

University's suspension of Davis does not equate to moral, just punishment for his actions

UW-Madison Campus

UW wide receiver Danny Davis suspended for two games after involvement in sexual assaults becomes public

Davis' suspension comes two days after wide receiver Quintez Cephus was charged