Madison Police Department responded to an incident early Wednesday morning where shots were fired on a charter bus traveling from Minneapolis to Chicago.

According to a MPD incident report, riders heard a singular gunshot in the bus parked on the intersection of Lake and Langdon Street. They then saw a 21-year-old Chicago native immediately rise from his seat and go to the rear restroom.

The man, while bleeding from an apparent gunshot, then attempted to leave the bus as the driver pleaded for him to stay on board because he believed the man needed medical attention. The subject ignored the driver and fled the scene.

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Madison Fire Department then arrived and transported the victim to a local hospital. MPD determined the wound was a result of a loaded 9mm handgun that was tucked in a “precarious area” of the subject’s waistline.

The individual had accidentally fired the gun on the bus, which struck a “sensitive area between his legs.”

Officers found the handgun in the waste area of the bus restroom. No one else was injured during the incident.

The investigation is ongoing.