Police have arrested a suspect in an assault case that occurred on Williamson Street early Wednesday morning where a victim was attacked with both a knife and shovel while shoveling snow, a police report said.

Madison Police Department spokesperson Joel DeSpain said the victim is a contractor who was shoveling a client’s sidewalk when he was attacked. The victim had called his assistant to tell him he would not need help shoveling that day. However, the assistant then came to the house and began to attack the victim, police report.

DeSpain said the suspect approached the victim, pushed him into a snow bank and cut his face with a paring knife.

He said the contractor then curled into a fetal position while the suspect struck him with a snow shovel. Luckily, the victim was only left with superficial scratches from the knife, according to DeSpain.

DeSpain said police located the suspect Wednesday afternoon on Williamson Street and arrested him. The suspect had a kitchen knife as well as two smaller knives in his pockets when he was arrested, DeSpain said.

“The suspect claims that the contractor owed him money,” DeSpain said. “We certainly see disagreements and fights that take place over money but it is typically over drug money or something similar, not over snow shoveling money. It is definitely a bit unusual.”