Given the struggles of the coronavirus, we’ve spent a lot of time face-to-face with many different challenges. School of Life is a worldwide educational company that gives advice and guides people through life’s challenges.

And as we reach the end of our stay at home orders, real life is on the horizon. Adjusting back to reality may be difficult, but School of Life has a few tips to get back into the swing of things.

Without further ado, here are seven videos from the School of Life to get you ready for the real world.

“How to Remain Calm with People”

Quarantine is almost over, and as you start to mingle with people, you may get a little annoyed with the overload of human contact — especially if you’re not used to vibing with others. This video will help you remain calm in your outside interactions and keep a level head during conversation.

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“Why We Should Not Watch Quite so Much News”

The coronavirus has us all checking our devices for updates from the world and its reaction to the pandemic. And yet the School of Life created this video to offer a different opinion on a constant stream of news.

As we exit quarantine, it’s important to let go of our attachment to news, or at least consider doing so.

“Why Touch Matters so Much in Love”

Craving human contact? In a distanced relationship? This video teaches us why touch matters so much in our relationships. Obviously we feel it, but the School of Life shows us the mechanics of it in many different perspectives. So if you want to learn why you’re yearning for close contact, click on the link and find out why it matters in love and life overall.

“How Can We Grow Emotionally?”

We’ve spent so much time alone with ourselves, and if you haven’t tried to get to know yourself, you’ve at least watched a video or two about it. Keeping up with that trend, here’s a School of Life lesson about feelings and emotional intelligence.

They’re an underrated part of our psyches, but when we take time to understand them, we can learn ways to both work on them and maintain them.

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“Can People Change?”

When big events happen in our lives, anyone is subject to change. During quarantine, you may have left behind people you weren’t fond of, or maybe did you wrong.

Maybe you still enjoy the company of these people, but they need to go through some serious growth before you let them back into your life. The School of Life decides to try and answer the question, can people change? In the video, you should find out if people are able to change or if they’ll, unfortunately, stay the same.

“The Challenge of Being Close”

This may not seem like a challenge after we’re all able to come in contact with each other. But even in crises like these, it’s hard for people to open up and be vulnerable.

The School of Life presents this video to pick apart this common human problem and try to help each of us solve the problem within us. So sit back and let the video solve your issues with close encounters.

“Taking it One Day at a Time”

Finally, we’ve got the basic mantra to any stressful situation. “Taking it One Day at a Time” will help you analyze your anxieties, whether they’re general or pandemic-related, and remind you of the basic remedy of living daily. Watch this video to learn how to focus on the present and calm your nerves about the past and future.

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Aside from these, the School of Life has a plethora of knowledge accessible through YouTube or on their website. You can watch their videos, read their media or buy their products.

Whatever you decide, I encourage you to keep the School of Life in mind when you’re struggling right after quarantine or in any other point of your life.