I think we can all agree — the first few weeks of online school were a rough adjustment. We’re now five weeks in, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back! Call me crazy, but online school has been a dream come true and here’s why.

I haven’t forgotten to turn anything in. Canvas has been a Godsend! My professors and TAs all have different mechanisms of organizing their pages, so it’s a fun little maze every time I log into Canvas.

I found that I don’t really need verbal reminders to be efficient. I just anxiously go through all of the tabs until I’ve ensured nothing is due that day. 

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Plus, among the hundreds of emails I have from student orgs, counselors and every office on campus, it’s pretty easy to find my TA’s messages. 

No schedule? No problem?It used to be so exhausting to go from class to class and remain in an academic mindset during the day. Now that I have all day to do homework, I can work at my own pace – which really keeps me motivated! 


In my home, I’m not distracted by TikTok, or my family or chips. When my mind decides to do schoolwork, it does it! The beauty of online leisure!

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I’m not behind at all. I fortunately don’t have any Zoom lectures. Instead, mine are all prerecorded and I get to watch them at my own leisure. It’s super easy to set aside an hour of my time to watch a series of slides with a poorly recorded voiceover. 

My retention rate is actually higher and my notes are impeccable. Yes, I have notes from online schooling. No, they’re not just vague phrases on my Notes app.


It’s easier to communicate. I am in one group project this semester. I know. Usually I’d sigh, roll my eyes and lament about how much I hate group projects.

But virtual communication has made it almost easier. Everyone gets to work on their own part, and almost no one knows what the other is doing. 

Sure, it’s a bit of a mystery if the project is cohesive, but without the annoyance of seeing group members weekly, it essentially feels like a personal project.

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The adjustments have been almost seamless! Online schooling does present problems for more hands-on classes. But some of my substitutions have been even better than what I would have done in class!

Honestly, I know it’s been hard for a lot of people. But, I know I’m getting the quality education I deserve and have never felt more prepared to pursue my career.