T-Pain and The Lonely Island made for infectiously fun hip-hop performances Thursday night at Summerfest.

The vocalist known for preferring to distort his own voice with auto-tune came out to a Harley-Davidson Roadhouse Stage crowd in a bright pink shirt that was halfway covered with gold cuban link chains. Born Faheem Rasheed Najm, from Tallahassee, Florida, the singer was quick to get into his biggest hits. 

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With his eyed covered with sunglasses more expensive than most of the crowd’s total admission cost, the classic “Buy U A Drank” got a roar from an already rowdy crowd. T-Pain controlled the stage from the beginning, prancing around stage lights to screaming fans. 

Snap your fingers, do the stare.
Ben Sefarbi/The Badger Herald

Plenty of the fans may have never comprehended how hot T-Pain and Akon were in 2007 while jumping around to “Bartender.” A consolation prize came in the form of the privilege to hear the man tell a Wisconsin crowd “Put you in a mansion, somewhere in Wisconsin,” on the smash hit “Can’t Believe It.” 

No amount of time was long enough for T-Pain’s set. T-Pain’s performance at the stage began late, leading to an earlier than desired departure — leaving the crowd wanting more. 

Starting less than 25 minutes after T-Pain took the stage a hop, skip and a jump away, The Lonely Island began their shenanigans at the Miller Lite Oasis Stage.

Former SNL star Andy Samberg closed out the Oasis Stage in Milwaukee.
Ben Sefarbi/The Badger Herald

The comedy trio of Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone began by prancing around and hiding behind different stage props while sporting baby blue suits, ironically rapping at the crowd how they were almost ready to perform. 

After listing comical ground rules for the crowd — ironically begging the upward of 1,000 in attendance not to attempt to dig a tunnel underneath the stage — the laughs wouldn’t stop.

The first of a handful of special guests made an appearance by way of puppeteering. Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga appeared behind black body suits from Schaffer and Taccoma, eventually giving Samberg the full experience from their featured song “3-Way (The Golden Rule).” 

Samberg looks on at the crowd for his band The Lonely Island.
Ben Sefarbi/The Badger Herald

The Lonely Island had recently pushed their new track “The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience.” The parody takes shots at former Oakland Athletic players Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire while they were teammates during the late 1980’s.

Samberg and Schaffer wore Canseco and McGwire jerseys respectively, with the fake McGwire wearing a batting glove and all. The skit was mildly entertaining until the real Canseco appeared donning a Calvin Klein tank top exposing the frame of a longtime steroid user, holding a MLB grade bat in hand.

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“I’m not going to kill you, I’m not even here to hurt you,” Canseco said. “But you know what? You’re doing this wrong. I’m going to show you how to do this the right way.”

The former MLB player led the crowd to a chant of the chorus of the song he’s depicted on, only to follow with a punchline from the fake McGwire of “And I’m Mark.”

The fake Brett Favre and the real Jose Canseco met for an epic high five.
Ben Sefarbi/The Badger Herald

If there’s two fake sports celebrities, then there might as well be three. Taccone suddenly appeared wearing a blonde wig and a Brett Favre jersey.

“With the Green Bay Packers, I was a real MacGyver,” Taccone rapped. “I loved chucking the pig skin to Donald Driver.”

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Finally, Canseco challenged the fake Favre to give him a high-five. The height difference between the two made for a comical moment in the air. 

The disgraced MLB star then picked up his bat and walked off stage — more than likely to tweet about Jennifer Lopez — who will be performing at Summerfest on Wednesday, July 3.

You can never get enough T-Pain.
Ben Sefarbi/The Badger Herald

The late 2000’s singer had just finished on the stage next door when the Oasis Stage crowd began chanting and calling for T-Pain from the Roadhouse venue. The Saturday Night Live alums led by Samberg are known for their collaborative SNL digital short “I’m On A Boat,” featuring T-Pain.

The highly anticipated collaboration began unfolding with Taccone sitting on a stool wearing a dunce cap placed on his head by Schaffer that said “Land Lubber,” to remind the outcasted member he’s not welcome on the hypothetical boat. 

As the other three performed the classic parody, Samberg and T-Pain gave each other high-fives and exchanged smiles during the epic collaboration. 

T-Pain made the walk over to the Oasis Stage to join his pals and close out the night.
Ben Sefarbi/The Badger Herald

After the song, T-Pain twirled off stage into the abyss as everyone looked on in amazement.

“He’s a magical man,” Samberg said.

The comedy and talent on the neighboring stages in Milwaukee made for an entertaining night at Henry Maier Festival Park.