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UW-Madison Campus

Warriors for Christ elicit counterprotest at Library Mall

Milwaukee-based Christian group to open Madison chapter


GOP efforts to restrict voting access reflect antidemocratic values

Attempted lawsuit against Milwaukee mayor challenges important voting rights initiatives


Carroll University program seeks to diversify nursing field, improve healthcare experiences

New program recruits Hispanic individuals in Milwaukee to enter nursing field, reducing disparities


Mobile markets provide innovative step toward greater food security

Grocery stores on wheels responsive to communities, but policy reform is still necessary

State of Wisconsin

Food deserts in Wisconsin result in short term solutions, public health impacts

Low-income communities in North, South Madison are most affected, Rep. Hong says


Hook, line and sinker: Tackling harmful health risks of fish contamination for anglers, greater community

Angling for education, safe consumption habits, environmental change


An Endless Cycle: Inequities of Wisconsin prison system push advocates to fight for reform

Formerly incarcerated individuals, criminal justice experts propose changes to Wisconsin’s correctional system to reduce recidivism, reform carceral process

State of Wisconsin

UW alum’s disaster response group supports Afghan refugees in Wisconsin

Team Rubicon, made up of mostly veterans, serves as 'focal point' for donations at Fort McCoy


Supreme Court’s Wisconsin redistricting ruling continues political suppression of Black voters

Affirmative redistricting could bring more equal political opportunities for marginalized voters


Starbucks, Colectivo unionization efforts challenge company neglect on local level

Resurgence in union popularity in Wisconsin should be evaluated on case-by-case basis with focus on local issues, economic research