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State of Wisconsin

UW students reflect on remote intern experiences as in-person work rises in Wisconsin

Remote work in Wisconsin drops 11% as companies transition back to in-person work in wake of COVID-19 pandemic


Legacy of urban renewal continues to plague Wisconsin’s urban core

Wisconsin's history of urban renewal must inform future decisions about inclusive development


Despite shared revenue deal, state government exploitation ensures Milwaukee will face long-term financial uncertainty

Milwaukee County sends much more to state than it sees in return, Republicans use its financial crises to advance political agenda


Milwaukee Police Department aims to further connect with community members, but gaps persist

The Milwaukee Police Department is partnering with local organizations and visiting residents for united effort to combat violence


Podcast: Interview with band Bug Moment

Podcast Director Jeffrey Deiss interviews up-and-coming Milwaukee band


Milwaukee census undercounts pose issues for representation

In disputing 2020 Census counts, City of Milwaukee seeks recounts for marginalized populations


Limited extension of bar hours during RNC would benefit bar owners, local commerce

While permanent extension of bar hours may have adverse impacts, extension for Republican National Convention garners bipartisan, industry support


New socialist caucus signals shift in Wisconsin voters, attitudes toward two-party system

Amid growing frustration with both major parties, socialist caucus seeks to serve working class

UW-Madison Campus

Warriors for Christ elicit counterprotest at Library Mall

Milwaukee-based Christian group to open Madison chapter


GOP efforts to restrict voting access reflect antidemocratic values

Attempted lawsuit against Milwaukee mayor challenges important voting rights initiatives

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