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The semester that was: Spring 2023 recap

The Badger Herald staff picks top stories from last semester

State of Wisconsin

Boys and Girls Club of Wisconsin opens 200th location

Wisconsin leads nation in children served at Boys and Girls Clubs per capita


Support for local journalism essential for strong democracy

As local newspapers fade, we must support vitality of print journalism while radio fills coverage gaps


Conservative politics prevent life-saving gun reform

Politicians fail to act despite data demonstrating correlation between lax gun laws, gun-related deaths


Severe racial health disparities in Wisconsin must be addressed

In recognition of National Minority Health Month, Wisconsin must adequately address significant health disparities people of color face


How Wisconsin could lead charge in improving U.S. foreign language system

Speaking a second language possesses broad implications in age of mass globalization


Republican supermajority in Wisconsin State Senate fails to represent Wisconsin voters

With election of Republican Dan Knodl to the state Senate, Republicans have supermajority


Police recruitment efforts direct public safety changes in wrong direction

Delegating traditional law enforcement responsibilities would reduce burden on police, increase public safety


Wisconsin Film Festival to return to Madison for 25th anniversary

Films will be free to students, shown at Memorial Union, Union South, Cinematheque, Hilldale Cinemas


Point-counterpoint: Decison to appoint new Wisconsin secretary of state

Following former Secretary of State Doug LaFollette's sudden resignation, controversy arises over how to select replacement

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