As the leaves slowly drift away and a brief walk outside somehow feels more intense than any pump-up speech could prepare you for, it might be easy to simply stay inside in the warmth. But as any true Midwesterner knows, the best recipe for getting past the doldrums of late fall is hitting a bar with some friends and listening to a homegrown band rock the stage.

This weekend presented a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to get out and get amped up by hard-riffing guitars and deep bass lines as The Wood Chickens rolled through High Noon Saloon in Madison to show off their one-of-a-kind flair.

Also included on the docket for the evening were the bands Absolutely Not, The Central and Wash for the 18+ show. Madison came out and showed love to a fantastic hometown band and celebrated their favorite artists’ hard work.

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It’s hard to pinpoint any genre the band would naturally gravitate into, a country-seeming twang in the back building to a full-on punk chorus before taking a listener on a trip through their own mind. The show doubled as a party for the release of Wood Chickens newest LP, Well Done. It is the first album being released by the group in almost two years, and it is coming at a time when many people could use either a reason to party or to rage and dance as the season delves into the dark.

Some people say that chicken soup is good for the soul, but believe this, nothing works better for lifting one’s spirits than being able to see a live band throw down in a fantastic close-quarters venue such as High Noon Saloon. Being able to help a band celebrate an album release is one of the most enjoyable events to attend.