Creating clothing offensive to passersby is the last thing on University of Wisconsin senior and First Wave scholar Eneale Pickett’s mind.

Producing racially-charged language that makes others uncomfortable is more along the lines of what he is going for.

Most on campus are already aware of Pickett for his clothing line called Insert Apparel, focusing on engaging the community in dialogue on intersectional issues of race — highlighted by his provocative message, “All White People Are Racist,” on garments.

Pickett has received some positive feedback, but he expects more of the same negative opinions after the re-release.
Courtesy of Eneale Pickett

Since the intentionally uncomfortable message started circulating, Pickett has received mixed reactions from the public. Though he did get some positive feedback, Pickett says a lot of his white peers have shared negative opinions on the clothing line. Along with new drops from lines like “Black Boy Brilliance” and “Black Girl Magic,” Pickett expects more of the same responses after a re-release of the sweatshirt on Friday.

“I really expect the same thing tomorrow,” Pickett said. “Nothing different from this liberal campus.”

The re-release comes with purpose — as a reminder. Pickett says the message is more relevant than ever.

The initial drop of the apparel led to Pickett being surprised by the media perception and backlash. Pickett claims people started to switch his message.

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“People made my message into something it wasn’t,” Pickett said. “The media made it seem like I was calling all white people bad. But it’s not about good or bad. I was talking about systemic racism and anti-blackness.”

Those who disagree with Pickett have not only been heard — they’ve approached Pickett directly about it. He’s received a lot of dirty looks and comments, but that is to be expected from a liberal campus, Pickett said.

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Pickett says those from a liberal campus like UW who are uncomfortable after seeing the clothing, are considered dangerous because they don’t care to understand their position in society. Even those who do understand are mad at Pickett for pointing out their role in the situation.

“If you’re more mad about being called racist than black and brown people dying because of systemic racism, you’re the problem,” Pickett said. “I don’t care if you’re the most liberal person ever. You’re racist.”