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Response sculpture in “re:mancipation” exhibit sparks dialogues over history, art, racism

"Lifting the Veil" empowers through symbolism while starting important conversations about American history


The Badger Herald Editorial Board: UW community must take meaningful action to support Black students

Following release of racist video, The Badger Herald Editorial Board extends support to Black community, calls on UW to undertake anti-racist efforts


Following racist incident, UW must systemically change curriculum

Adjusting ethnic studies courses to reflect rigor of other introductory-level courses can promote deeper engagement with social justice topics

UW-Madison Campus

Students call for action from ASM, university in student council meeting following racist video

Students of color shared experiences with lack of safety on campus, called for change from student government

UW-Madison Campus

UW students protest, make demands for support in response to racist video

Protest organized by Blk Power Coalition marched on campus, delivered demands to Chancellor's Office


New Wisconsin bill to protect dignity of strip search victims

State legislators propose change to strip search laws after high school vape raid


Madison truth commission offers path toward racial justice

Alder Brian Benford's plan to address historical injustice rooted in accountability, reconciliation

UW-Madison Campus

UW, Iowa condemn Iowa fan who yelled racial slurs at UW wrestler

'On or off campus, home or away, UW athletics strives to create an atmosphere where our student-athletes feel welcome and can thrive,' UW Athletic Director says in statement

UW-Madison Campus

White allyship requires understanding how racism came to be, two UW alumni say

‘In order for us to live collectively, we have got to dismantle this and build something radically different,’ University of Texas Austin associate professor says

City of Madison

Lawsuit filed against Madison police highlights community calls for police reform

Wisconsin policing practices are slowly changing, UW expert says

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