The Balaclava Trend: New winter fashion touches on society’s double standards

Face covering becomes winter trend, highlights discrimination Muslim women face


Trying fashion aesthetics: Becoming an e-girl

An overview, review of the 'e-girl aesthetic'


People of UW: Moda magazine editor-in-chief shares what fashion means to her

Stories of Students: Come back every Friday for more stories about students making a difference on campus


UW alum, fashion icon, Virgil Abloh makes continual strides in fashion, design innovation

Abloh consistently piles up impressive work as leading man in design, fashion industry, one of UW's brightest alums


L’unité par diversité: UW’s Tony Sanchez, Staz Industries promotes unity through diversity

In-depth look at UW senior Tony Sanchez, his fashion company, Staz Industries


Revive Fashion Show combats human trafficking, fast-fashion

Fair Indigo joined with the Dressember Foundation to show off appealing sustainable clothing and promote fashion ethics in Madison's first ever Revive Fashion Show

UW-Madison Campus

They were here: UW alumnus Virgil Abloh blazes new trails in fashion industry

Abloh is the first Black person to design Louis Vuitton's menswear line


Dolce Stil Novo performance premiers ‘sweet new style’ with Madison

Li Chiao-Ping Dance presents an innovative, female-focused, multidisciplinary event inspired by 13th century Italian literature, poetry prose


Bonobos mobile guideshop pop-up comes to Madison this week

Mobile guideshop provides professional, stylish clothing options to students


‘All White People Are Racist’ line returns as poignant reminder

Eneale Pickett returns with controversial sweatshirts that made waves in 2016

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