In a recent statement, the Madison Police Department said Lieutenant Reginald Patterson — who was seen engaging in sexual activity in a police car while on duty — has submitted his resignation following an internal investigation into officer misconduct by the MPD. 

Marcel Scott captured a video showing Patterson engaging in sexual activity and posted it on social media Sept. 16, after which MPD placed Patterson on administrative leave as per department procedure for internal investigations. Scott saw Patterson engaging in sexual activity with a woman in an MPD-issued vehicle in a Farm and Fleet parking lot on Stoughton Road.

Scott is the father of Anisa Scott, an 11-year-old girl child who was shot and killed in Aug. 2020 in Madison.

“My daughter was murdered a year ago in Madison. It was to basically show people that while these murders and all these unsolved crimes and gun violence and everything is going on that our officers are basically sitting there doing criminal activity,” Scott said.

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The Dane County Sheriff’s Office completed an investigation into the incident earlier this month but did not release their findings. MPD continued its internal investigation and said the Sheriff’s Office referred no criminal charges. According to the MPD, Patterson violated multiple department policies and the department deemed it appropriate that Patterson no longer serve in his role. 

“The recent actions of Lt. Patterson do not align with the mission of the Madison Police Department,” MPD said in a statement. “We strive to deliver a high degree of service and are committed to performing our work with the highest degree of honesty and integrity.”

Patterson resigned Wednesday, Nov. 24 and apologized for his behavior. He was with the department for 15 years.