The Wisconsin Elections Commission ordered a presidential election recount after receiving a wire transfer from the Trump campaign for $3 million. 

A partial recount petition was filed in person by the Trump campaign at the WEC office at 10:58 a.m., according to a statement from the WEC on Wednesday. The payment was received late Tuesday. 

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The recount request is only for all Milwaukee and Dane Counties — no other counties or jurisdictions were requested, WEC chief official Meagan Wolfe said in the statement. 

“It was filed in-person in our office today at 10:58 a.m. and appears, upon facial review, to meet all of the requirements in pairing with the payment that was received late yesterday,” Wolfe said.

The WEC held a special meeting Nov. 18 to discuss specific details of the recount and make changes to the recount manual, including adding new procedures that align with public health guidance.

At the meeting Wednesday, the WEC unanimously approved changes to its recount manual which ensure representatives of both presidential campaigns have access to ballots and other materials as the recount commences. 

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The Commission Chair filed the recount order Thursday following the meeting and rule changes, officially starting the 13-day recount clock. All county boards of canvassers must convene for the recount by Nov. 21 at 9:00 a.m.

Wolfe said in the WEC statement the organization will remain transparent to ensure the integrity of its proceedings.

“We understand the eyes of the world will be on these Wisconsin counties over the next few weeks,” Wolfe said. “We remain committed to providing information about the process and assisting our county clerks by providing facts on the mechanics of a recount and status updates.”

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The deadline for the recount is Dec. 1. This is also the deadline for WEC to certify results from the general election under Wisconsin law.

Recounts must be completed and results must be filed with WEC by noon on Dec. 1, according to the WEC.