The Student Services Finance Committee heard an eligibility presentation from Queen In You and a budget presentation from F.H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture. 

Queen In You gave a presentation to get General Student Services Fund money for their organization. The committee will vote next week on whether the organization will be granted GSSF eligibility.

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Queen In You supports women of color in both their professional and personal lives. President Maria Ekern spoke about the organization.

“Some specific campus needs our organization will address is … [to] promote diversity within campus and the workplace,” Ekern said. “[Queen In You] has helped with self-care issues that relate to students on campus and it’s also creating leaders.”

F.H. King’s budget proposal presentation included a breakdown of how last year’s funds were used and what they are requesting for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. 

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F.H. King communications director Benjamin Sharp said the organization’s mission has many aspects to it. 

“F.H. King is a multi-faceted organization, so we do many different things at once that all work together to create a community around sustainable agriculture on campus,” Sharp said. 

SSFC also voted on granting GSSF eligibility to the organization Live Free, who gave their presentation at last Thursday’s meeting. They were approved to receive GSSF money with a vote of 8-0-6. 

SSFC then voted to accept amendments to the Campus Women’s Center budget proposal with a vote of 10-0-4. The committee decided to postpone the vote on whether or not to approve the budget until Oct. 21.

Representative Logan Knochenmus spoke about why the vote was tabled until next week. 

“We need ample time to review [the changes] and there are still more points of information that we need to make a decision,” Knochenmus said. 

SSFC will vote on Queen In You’s eligibility for GSSF and approval for F.H. King’s budget proposal at their next meeting.