Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Rebecca Dallet won the race for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Tuesday.

Dallet, who multiple Wisconsin liberal groups such as the Democratic Party of Wisconsin endorsed, won with historically large voter turnout.

“My enthusiastic congratulations to Judge Rebecca Dallet! I know she will lead with our Wisconsin values and be an enthusiastic advocate for Wisconsin families on our state’s high court,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning said in a statement.

Dallet became a judge in 2008 for the Milwaukee Circuit Court after spending 11 years as a prosecutor.

Throughout her campaign, Dallet kept her promises of doing the right thing for Wisconsin families. Dallet also promises to make community safety a key issue throughout her time, her biography said.

“Wisconsin voters have emphatically rejected corruption, and instead voted to have fairness and independence restored to our courts. Judge Dallet will deliver that balance on behalf of the people,” Laning said.

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Dallet will replace retiring Justice Michael Gableman, a conservative voice in the court. Though the court will remain more conservative, Dallet’s appointment will make it slightly more liberal, with a 4-3 conservative majority in place of the previous 5-2.

Dallet won against Sauk County Circuit Judge Michael Screnock, who was backed by Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Dallet will serve a 10-year term on the Wisconsin Supreme court.

In response to the results, Screnock said he is proud to have run a campaign that focused on his judicial philosophy, despite liberal influence.

“This campaign was never about me or my desire to be a Supreme Court Justice. It was about serving the people of Wisconsin by upholding the rule of law and respecting the Constitution and the separation of powers,” Screnock said.

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A constitutional amendment, which was also on the ballot, would replace the state treasurer with the lieutenant governor. But the amendment did not pass.

This amendment would have cut the state treasurer position to save money. While supporters of the bill say the position has already been greatly reduced over the years, opposers say the position should be strengthened.

Laning stressed her gratitude for everyone who helped make tonight happen.

“One thing is clear: blue voters across Wisconsin are organized and energized for November,” Laning said. “Wisconsinites are taking action to defend our Wisconsin values of fairness, kindness, opportunity and community. And we are winning. Republicans like Scott Walker have refused to listen to Wisconsinites, and they will have to answer for this inattention and neglect in November.”