With over 20 candidates in the gubernatorial race for governor, Democratic candidate Kelda Roys is looking to use her platform to restore Wisconsin to a fair and opportune place, that millennials want to live in.

University of Wisconsin College Democrats hosted Roys Tuesday night at CoffeeBytes where she discussed her plans for governor, if she is elected. Roys is a UW law school graduate who grew up in rural Marshfield, Wisconsin and is a small business owner. With a politically divided state, Roys looks to young voting groups to challenge the direction of the conservative Senate.

“I want this state to be what it was when I was growing up,” Roys said.

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Roys also wants to provide a progressive voice in a conservative political environment both in the state and throughout the country.

Her time at UW while a graduate law student presented Roys with the opportunity to work on the Innocence Project and advocate for legislative reform in health care and reproductive rights for women in a dominantly conservative Wisconsin Senate.

“It’s important to show up and listen to other people who share opposing views because it opens you up to alternate opinions,” Roys said.

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Roys hopes to empower union groups with adequate rights for workers. In addition to progressive stances on worker rights and bipartisan participation on common goals, she wants to lead Wisconsin in creating an environment that fosters the creativity of the entrepreneurs and small businesses of the area.

Roys is a business owner herself and has seen the challenges small businesses can face when starting out.

“If you want people to live here, you have to make it a great place to live,” Roys said. “Wisconsin has a lot going for it, and the way to get people my age and your age to live here is to make it a friendly place for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and so they have a chance to succeed.”