A Madison man was arrested Tuesday on multiple counts, including threatening officers, discharging bodily fluids at public safety workers and resisting arrest.

According to a Madison Police Department incident report, police initially responded to a disturbance where the 54-year-old man, Herbert Wilkins was obstructing the sidewalk on the 300 block of West Dayton Street by refusing to allow pedestrians to walk past him without grabbing them.

Madison firefighters then became the subject of Wilkins’ comments. Wilkins walked over to the firefighters and proceeded to make “racially charged” statements while continuously poking them in the chest and yelling at them.

Police officers attempted to contain Wilkins, to which he responded by fleeing. Officers ran after Wilkins and even threatened to use a taser in order to apprehend him.

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Wilkins then attempted to run around a vehicle, but instead – due to a “miscalculation in his movements” and his pants falling below his knees – ran into a stationary car.

MPD subsequently captured and arrested Wilkins. As he was being arrested, he continued to make threats to officers and their families as well as discharging bodily fluids from his mouth.

Wilkins was arrested for resisting officers, disorderly conduct, and has been additionally charged with three counts of discharging bodily fluids at public safety workers, three counts of threatening law enforcement officers and four counts of misdemeanor bail jumping.