Man arrested after punching MPD officer in face

Suspect has been arrested before on two occasions of assault

· Jan 5, 2017 Tweet

Erik Brown/The Badger Herald

Madison Police Department arrested a repeat offender after he assaulted an officer on the 200 block of State Street Wednesday.

According to a MPD incident report, Tyler C. Smith created a disturbance at a bus shelter on State Street around 4:15 p.m. The suspect yelled “swear words and racial epithets” inside the shelter, causing many bystanders to move away from the area.

Smith began to wildly swing his arms, nearly punching a 28-year-old disabled man in the head. The suspect then boarded a Madison Metro bus, which was pulled over after the 28-year-old victim called MPD.

When officers boarded the bus, Smith fought with them and punched one officer in the face. He was arrested immediately for disorderly conduct and battery to a law enforcement.

Previously, Smith had been apprehended for two cases, including randomly attacking a runner and for punching an MPD officer during a heroin investigation.


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