Leland Pan will keep his seat as Dane County Board supervisor for District 5 after winning Tuesday’s election over Chris Hoffman by 54 votes, according to the Dane County Clerk’s Office website. 

Leland Pan will represent District 5 as county board supervisor for another two years, after being re-elected Tuesday.

Leland Pan will represent District 5 as county board supervisor for another two years after being re-elected Tuesday.

Pan received 54.5 percent of the vote, with 277 votes over Hoffman’s 223 votes, or 43.9 percent. There were also eight write-in votes, accounting for 1.6 percent of the vote.

In the next two years, Pan said he will continue working to secure funding for human services, particularly for those who are homeless. He said he aims to guarantee housing and employment for everyone in the county.

He said making Dane County a fair place to live for everyone despite race, identity or sexual preference is a priority. Pan hopes to do this is by decreasing racial disparity, especially within the criminal justice system, he said.

Pan said students are passionate about keeping the lakes sustainable and protecting them from run-off and will continue to work to ensure they are protected as well.

“Whatever students approach me with I am totally open to, and whatever my constituents are talking about and thinking about,” Pan said. “I hope to continue having conversations on the election trail and I am really happy I get to serve District 5 for two more years.”

Hoffman, a University of Wisconsin senior, centered his campaign platform around increasing student involvement, engaging the campus in county politics, encouraging campus safety and working to create a sustainable environment through improving water quality in the lakes.

“I wanted to thank Leland to make sure this was a very cordial election and I really appreciated his effort in making sure everything went well,” Hoffman said. “Leland and I wanted to make sure we are working together to collaborate into the future and I plan to stay pretty tightly involved in the community.”