Three women stole more than $600 of merchandise from the Victoria’s Secret store at East Towne Mall last Wednesday, a Madison Police report said.

The store manager, who was in tears after the incident, said she recognized the women as soon as they entered because of prior disturbances they caused in the store, the report said.

Although store staff tried to assist the women, the women dismissed them and told Victoria’s Secret staff they “hated white people,” the report said.

The manager said one of the women then physically threatened her. Immediately after the threat, the three women grabbed store merchandise and took off running.



Police were called to Madison’s Club 5 near the Fish Hatchery Road exit of the Beltline on Monday morning after an employee reported a fight, an MPD report said.

When officers arrived, everyone involved was gone, according to the report. Fifteen minutes later, however, a 20-year-old man came to a local hospital with stab wounds. He said he had been injured during the fight outside Club 5.

Police arrested two men who have been both charged with reckless endangerment, but remain unsure as to who actually was responsible for the stabbing. The victim is still in the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, the report said.



A man sitting in the parking lot of a Subway restaurant called police Friday when an employee chased a masked man out of the venue, an MPD report said.

The employee told police the man had entered the restaurant and demanded the employee load the bag with money. He added that the man had his hand on his waist, insinuating he was carrying a weapon, according to the report.

The victim called the man’s bluff when he realized the robber was actually holding a stick, not a firearm. The Subway employee punched the robber in the face 10 times, according to the report.

The victim said the robber ran from the scene – his plan foiled – but the employee took after him on foot and kept punching him, the report said.

The suspect remains at large.



Several citizens called the Communications Center of Dane County Sunday after seeing a woman with a gun at the intersection of Raymond Road and McKenna Boulevard, an MPD report said.

The woman was holding what appeared to be a handgun and pointing it at passing cars, the report said. One caller said the woman was laughing as she waved the gun at passersby.

Officers apprehended the woman and confiscated what turned out to be a BB gun.

Ald. Lisa Subeck, District 1, who represents the area, said crime is a problem in the area, but declined comment on how much of that crime involves firearms.

“In parts of the southwest side, we’ve had significant challenges with crime, some of which have definitely involved weapons,” she said.

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