Many great endeavors that start in your twenties rarely make it to fruition. There a lot of young bands with original sounds that could make it big, but more often than not, go unnoticed by the public. In today’s pop climate, it’s especially hard to make a name for yourself in folk and indie rock.

Nevertheless, Ohio natives Evan Westfall and Taylor Meier made it happen. In an attic on the Ohio University campus, the two formed a sound that fuses the comforts of bluegrass with the outdoor adventure of indie and folk.

Their first independently released album, “Caamp,” brought the band to the top of the charts. They added bass player Matt Vinson and quickly became a major player in the granola genre (i.e. Patagonia-wearing, trail-hiking, outdoor-loving camp people).

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In November, fans gathered at the Sylvee to watch Caamp strum their banjos and wail their drawled lyrics after a long pandemic-related hiatus. The group never fails to amaze with their tales of road travels, camping adventures and nostalgia for their hometown, Columbus, Ohio.

Supported by a drummer and pianist, the trio played fan favorites from their years of folk rock hits. Behind them hung a beautiful black and white design of a mountain range below a star-clad sky. A moon provides a “C” to the band’s logo, and the entire picture encapsulates what they stand for as a whole.

Caamp’s music is for those who enjoy the road, and everything that comes with it. Whether it’s glamping in an RV or a five-day backpacking trip, songs like “Vagabond” and “See the World” invoke feelings of wanderlust or the desire to get out and experience the new. Their recent album, “By and By” (2019), features more of that feel-good road trip flare with a more established sound. 

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Although the pandemic has caused Caamp to halt their live performances, the band has been working on some cool projects that have influenced the industry. Along with developing their own label, Gjenny Records, the trio is working on their next big album to assist those still impacted by the pandemic.

They will feature their same original sound along with lyrics that illustrate their experiences in lockdown and loneliness. In mid-November, they released “Square One” and a live duet with Trampled by Turtles titled “Alone” — but we have yet to hear if the songs will be on the next album.

If you’re looking for a band to listen to by the fireplace, campfire or to find general warmth, Caamp is the choice that will keep you toasty and content this winter.