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Winter Quarantine Self-Care Guide

Self-care tips for the person who doesn’t do self-care
Jason Chan

Winter can be tough on your mental and physical health as the sun sets at 4 p.m. every day, and the entire world goes into hibernation. Especially this year, there are even less fun things we can do to distract ourselves from the nightmare that is winter. But by doing small things for yourself each day, it is possible to make it less painful. Here are my suggestions:

Drink water!

I know this one isn’t that fun, but it’s one of the best things you can do to take care of yourself. Say au revoir to chapped lips, dry skin, dehydration headaches and more just by drinking your recommended amount of water. To make it easier, I suggest making it into a competition with yourself to finish a certain amount of water each hour. Or if you’re one of those people who have a Hydro Flask, the amount of noise that thing makes should be reminder enough.



Reading is certainly a bummer when you’re reading for your classes, but have you tried reading something you actually want to? Personally, I thought reading was a drag until I found some books and magazines which interested me. So if you want to be lazy on the couch but take a break from your phone or TV, the latest issue of Cosmopolitan is actually a very viable option.

Make a vision board

Since we can’t do anything exciting now — or in the foreseeable future — make a vision board. Try adding pictures of things that inspire you or things you want your future to look like. This way, when the world returns to normal, you’re a man/woman with a plan.

Local coffee shops create tea to combat winter colds

Have a DIY spa day

Take a bath. A fancy bath. Go buy a bunch of candles and rose petals and bath salts. Make it as dramatic as possible. Try a body scrub, face mask, painting your nails and using teeth whitening strips for full effect. If you live with someone willing to give you a massage, that’s a bonus.

Go on an insane online shopping spree

If there was ever an excuse to order an excessive amount of things online, I think living through a pandemic is as good as any. Not only will you get the immediate gratification of spending money, but you also get the delayed gratification when you finally receive your purchases in the mail. Disclaimer: this one is only fun if you have money.


This is always included in health and wellness tips, so I felt obligated to do so here. I’ve never actually done it but you should because ~mental health~.

As pandemic uproots lives, it’s important to make positive lifestyle changes


It literally doesn’t matter if you do an actual workout or if you just sweat your ass off playing Just Dance on the Wii in your childhood basement. You can really kill two birds with one stone by working out, because it’s great for your physical AND mental health.

Make a to-do list

I understand not everyone’s brain works the way mine does, but there is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling to me than making a fat to-do list and checking boxes off.

Buy yourself flowers

Underrated. Enough said.

Go stand in the sun

Seriously, exposure to sunlight increases serotonin production. Sunlight is also the best source of vitamin D and can help those diagnosed with SAD (seasonal affective disorder). So, assuming it’s sunny and not freezing cold, go outside!

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