Two Korean rap stars, San E and Mad Clown, came to Madison to perform at Gordon Commons.

San E, a South Korean rapper and songwriter, is considered one of the most successful rappers in the Korean hip-hop industry and is well known for his song “A Winter Night’s Sweetness,” where he collaborated with famous Korean singer Raina. San E also collaborated with Korean singer Yerin Baek for “Me You.”

San E moved to the U.S. during middle school and studied at the University of Georgia as a graphic design major. Mad Clown — also a South Korean rapper, can be labeled as a songwriter and record producer. He gained popularity after his several collaborations such as “Stupid in Love” with one of the members of well-known Korean girl group Sistar, Soyou.

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Well-known to the public was “Once Again,” featuring Korean female singer NaYoung Kim, famous for being played in the Korean drama ‘The Descendants of The Sun,” receiving international acclaim.

In 2018, San E and Mad Clown collaborated together with another Korean singer Sobae and DJ Juice to hold a world tour titled, “We Want You.”

Madison was lucky enough to be on the list for the “We Want You” tour. At the beginning of the show, Sobae first came to the stage to rock the whole concert. With DJ Juice’s music, San E and MadClown entered and sang a few rap songs that left the audience nothing short of amazed.

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MadClown’s rapping was sharp and high-tone while San E’s rapping was extremely catchy and brought the whole concert to its highest point. After their collaborations, Mad Clown and San E both sang solo songs separately including their well-known records “A Winter Night’s Sweetness” and “Once Again.” Those two songs got the majority of the audience to follow along and wave their hands to the melody.

Besides singing, the audience had several instances where the performers interacted with the audience. Mad Clown and San E invited some members of the crowd to come up to the stage and dance with them. The two best dancers among those on stage received prizes, including their new albums and caps.

How could I forget to mention — it was Sobae’s birthday that day. SanE, MadClown and others prepared cakes for her, leading to everyone singing her happy birthday. Sobae was touched by everyone and said she felt extremely cheerful because she was born right here in Madison.

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Not only was the audience satisfied with the concert, but San E, Mad Clown and Sobae also expressed their happiness and fulfillment towards the fans.

“This is one of the best concerts we had so far and you guys are so amazing! We will definitely not forget Madison, Wisconsin!”