Madison gets a respectable amount of top-tier artists to perform at one of the city’s various venues. But mega-artists such as Tyler, The Creator and Vince Staples come at a far less frequent rate.

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The California rappers have carved niche audiences within the rap genre. Tyler found his claim to fame with his second album, Goblin, in 2009 at the age of 18. The record featured the underground smash hit “Yonkers” and has been representing the Odd Future Records Label and the wealthy Ladera Heights for more than a decade.

Tyler’s awkward and brash humor is matched by his witty and disturbing metaphors. Tyler has found a more gentle approach through his newest album, Flower Boy, bringing Staples along for his latest tour of the same name.

Staples came from a greater struggle. Raised on Artesia Boulevard on the north side of Long Beach, California, Staples would run around with his crew toting guns after school — if he even went to class that day. The socially conscious rapper soon turned into a lyricist. What would we do without his hot takes on Snapchat and Twitter? We may never know.

The West Coast artists are anticipated to sell out the Alliant Energy Center March 1 with the biggest performances on the Isthmus so far this year. Vincent will open first, so the playlist is set accordingly.

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This playlist was created after scanning the internet for fan blogs about set lists played earlier on tour. Both Tyler and Vincent have their bangers, but they have their fair share of awkwardly warped and out-of-key songs that might make casual fans uncomfortable. Those tracks have been omitted from the playlist — but will likely still be performed at the concert — and replaced by “Opps,” following the release of Black Panther.

Turn up this hitlist for the next few days before you hit the venue — it’ll feel less like March, and more like November.