Madison is known to have a plethora of coffee shops for anyone to dwell in, whether it be young professionals, a group of friends or students cramming for a test. Whether they are there to get work done or to chill out and read a book, it’s our job as coffee lovers to decide what the best shop is and which delivers the best-tasting (and most potent) coffee.

So, which one is the best? That question will be hard to answer — everyone has their different tastes. At best, then, we can only attempt to provide enough information for you to make your own decision.

That being said, The Badger Herald (maybe mostly myself) has decided to focus on one shop in particular this week: Colectivo.

Colectivo on State Street is a popular place for much of the student body, as well as for other community members. Its convenient location is a big factor in its popularity, as well as its aesthetic. It has a color scheme pleasing to the eye, wooden walls and stylish tables.

Katie Cooney/The Badger Herald

Though Colectivo is a chain, ours can come to feel like home (especially if you spend literally every day there). Another aspect that makes Colectivo feel like home comes from its employees. You get to become familiar with their faces, and they are always friendly and polite.

Once you get used to the shop’s surroundings, you can finally examine Colectivo’s expansive menu. There is much more than your standard cup of coffee. There are smoothies, sportea, matcha lattes and more. If you don’t want to break the bank, however, you can get a large cup of plain coffee for just 2 buckaroos.

Meghan Horvath/The Badger Herald

Colectivo also has an impressive food menu. I’m not even going to go there — I don’t want to make your mouths water. All that needs to be said is there is all-day breakfast.

Like most establishments of any kind, not all positive things can be said. Colectivo often gets very busy, and on those days, the building appears too small and, frankly, claustrophobic. In these cases, limited seating is available. While things like that can’t always be controlled, they work with the space they have.

One way they fix this problem is during warm weather they open one of the walls, which is like a garage door, and offer outdoor seating. This is very popular among its customers. In the winter, however, Colectivo has no choice but to deal with their small space. One just has to know what times of the day are bound to be less busy.

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If there to study, like a lot of students are, you have to be able to work in loud conditions. It’s sometimes a struggle to hear yourself think between other customers’ conversation and the music playing in the building. If this is a struggle for you, find another place to study.

Despite these small hindrances, Colectivo is a popular study and hangout space for many of us. It has multiple attractive qualities, and its decorations, social atmosphere and good coffee make it a Madison favorite.