Local yoga studio offers reduced rate for students during fall semester

Not to mention food, Bliss Flow Yoga & Wellness offers opportunity for Badgers to relieve pressures of student life


Data finds optional diversity training successful in its second year — so why keep it optional?

Our Wisconsin provides vital identity education, needed now more than ever on harsh campus climate

UW-Madison Campus

UW says protesting gun violence won’t hurt admissions prospects

High school students plan to walk out of class at 10 a.m. March 14 for 17 minutes to protest school schootings


Small business ownership, while valuable, unrealistic for bombarded college students

UW should implement more entrepreneurially-centered courses for eager students


Gender and Women’s Studies graduation requirement would benefit all of society

Access to information about sex, relationships allows students to be better educated citizens after graduation

UW-Madison Campus

Shops on State Street perpetuate income disparities, cater to top one percent of students

Expensive clothing stores and high-end espresso bars unaccessible for broke college students


Unpaid internships unfairly target low income students

Work experience crucial to succeed at next level, low-SES students struggle to find paid positions


Becoming your very own Ironman

Getting physically fit benefits not only your physical health, but other parts of your life as well


A combined academic effort must be made to combat limited climate change policy

Climate change, like many issues, is not black and white


UW students deserve better than a travel ban

International students, faculty at UW should not have to feel ashamed of where they come from