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Alternatives to caffeine to up your finals game 💪

Caffeine not cutting it for finals week? Try cocaine!


Study shows fixing hair on Zoom dramatically increases test scores

While some have found the practice distracting and conceited, science may say otherwise


Your study playlist isn’t complete without these artists

Looking at Hanz Zimmer, Kygo, jinsang to boost your studying for finals


Extreme makeover, virtual student edition

First find motivation to get out of bed, then read this article


Tips and tricks to consider for new online classes

As UW attempts to adjust to new form of instruction, here are ways to make the most of the current predicament

State of Wisconsin

40% of Wisconsin voters support impeachment, study finds

Support declined from 44% before public impeachment hearings

UW-Madison Campus

Memory loss diagnoses come early with Down syndrome

Researchers hope to inspire preventative measures with study

UW-Madison Campus

Survey ranks UW sixth in research expenditures, retains 2016 rank

UW saw a gain in research expenditures overall with one decline in local, state funds

UW-Madison Campus

National Academy consensus reports found to influence public opinion, increase civic discourse

Research conducted by UW professor revealed spike in online conversation about GMOs after release of 2016 report

UW-Madison Campus

UW researchers gain insight into behavior of monogamous rodent species

New study explores vocal communication, infidelity in California mice, potential connection to humankind

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