Despite the frigid nights, The Floozies were able to sell out both of their nights at the Majestic, following their recent trend of playing two nights in the city of beer and cheese.

There is something special going on in electronic, funky music created by brothers Matt and Mark Hill. The connection the audience makes with them can’t be found anywhere else.

Opening for the two-day bender ahead was one of Madtown’s funkiest DJ’s Phil Money. Having brought old-school jazzy vibes back for years now, he was able to mold to the crowd perfectly.

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The stage was ready for second opener ProbCause to tear it up. This rapper seamlessly jumps from Dubstep, to R&B then back to a gritty rap sound. He is versatile and knows how to get the crowd involved.

ProbCause led off with his high energy, high-hat infused song titled “Roses.” Afterward, he moved into a couple songs off his most recent album Drifters. One of the biggest hits there being, “The Woods,” which was perfect for those who are stressed about finals since it was preaching about the fun of procrastination.

He picked up again to get the crowd ready for The Floozies, using a couple remixes of songs. The guy has spirit, and it lead perfectly to The Floozies’ performance.

Right out of the gate their performance was a bit predictable, but in the best way possible. The Floozies started off with their new single, “Butt Rock.” This piece was a bit different than previous tracks with its rock and roll influenced sound.

They mixed together songs so well it was hard sometimes to differentiate between them

“Love, Sex and Fancy Things,” however, was bigger than ever with the new light set-up. Afterward, it got wild as some classics were worked into the set, and the dancing never stopped. They even snuck in a cover of “Fat Bottom Girls” at one point.

They performed with full force for a good two hours before finally closing with “Sunroof Cadillac.” But they did encore for those in the crowd who were able to survive the diabolical funk. With the cheers of the crowd fading out in the room, the show ended, only for the funk to be resurrected the next night.