State of Wisconsin

Marijuana legalization in nearby states creates potential repercussions for Wisconsin

The possession of marijuana will remain illegal in Wisconsin

State of Wisconsin

MPD receives funding for new efforts to fight opioid crisis

'We cannot arrest and jail our way out of this problem,' Madison Police Department Officer Bernie Albright said

State of Wisconsin

Gov Evers releases report on mishandled sexual assault investigations, National Guard Adjutant General resigns

The 88 page report found 22 of the 35 accusations were internally investigated

State of Wisconsin

New UW System President selection committee has one student, no academic staff on board

UW Madison Academic Staff Assembly Chair calls the move "short sighted"

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin legislature not likely to legalize marijuana despite bipartisan bill, economic benefits unclear

Recreational use of marijuana faces uphill fight in Republican majority legislature, Wisconsin senator said

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin key in 2020 election, said political experts, students alike

In 2018 US Senate, gubernatorial election, 12% of voters in Wisconsin split their tickets

State of Wisconsin

Evers signs bill that will assist homeless youth

20% of homeless were children under 18 in 2018


Foundation calls students voter ID requirements restricting, sues Wisconsin Elections Commission

This student voter ID law creates undue burden for student voters, foundation says

State of Wisconsin

40% of Wisconsin voters support impeachment, study finds

Support declined from 44% before public impeachment hearings

State of Wisconsin

Republican state representative sues Evers over violation of open records

Republicans accuse Evers of lacking transparency