Madison City Council calls for ceasefire in Gaza in unanimous vote

Support for ceasefire follows comments from community members

· Dec 6, 2023 Tweet

Alice Vagun/The Badger Herald

The Madison City Council voted unanimously Tuesday evening to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. The Council’s vote comes as ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas — a militant group that governs the Gaza Strip and is classified by the U.S. as a terrorist group — has caused a worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

The city of Madison now joins various cities across the U.S. that have called for a permanent ceasfire in Gaza.

University of Wisconsin and Madison-area community members commented on the Council’s resolution at the meeting, telling stories of family members impacted by ongoing conflict, and urging Council members to vote in favor of humanity.

In a blog post following the unanimous decision, UW senior and District 8 Ald. MGR Govindarajan said his decision to support the resolution was based purely on his morals, saying “innocent people should not be killed.”

“I mourn for the thousands of people who have unnecessarily been killed, and give my condolences to those who testified at tonight’s meeting who have lost families,” Govindarajan said in his blog post.

The Council also voted to adopt two interim amendments to the City of Madison Comprehensive Plan. The amendments will allow for further development in the city. District 14 Ald. Isadore Knox Jr. opposed the adoption of the amendments.

The Madison City Council will meet next Jan. 9, 2024.


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