A drunk driver was arrested Tuesday night on the 600 block of State Street, according to an incident report released by the City of Madison Police Department.

Officers pulled over Byron F. Ramirez-Urbina, age 31, at 11:14 p.m. at the intersection of State Street and West Gorham Street after he drove over a sidewalk at the dead-end of North Frances Street. 

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Ramirez-Urbina was arrested for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence and fleeing from an officer. He also received citations for driving on the sidewalk, failing to obey a boulevard ordinance, driving without a license and spitting in public. 

A sergeant on the scene described the night as “busy” in his report. They said many people traversed the streets both on foot and by bicycle. 

“This was a busy Tuesday night and given the driver of the vehicle was, at one time, on the sidewalk and then driving on State Street, it is fortunate no one was injured,” the incident report said.