Madison Police Department arrested a man after several violent outbursts Sunday night on the 500 block of State Street.

According to a Madison Police Department incident report, earlier in the night, Franklin Kerr, 43, was panhandling and had grabbed a passerby while yelling “I’ve done worse things in prison than what I’m going to do to you!”

The passerby, who left frightened, had declined to give the suspect money.

When MPD arrived, Kerr bit an officer, kicked another and spit at several as officers took him into custody, the report said.

While being checked out at a local hospital, the suspect threatened to kill nurses and others, including the arresting officers.

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He was eventually taken to jail on charges of battery to an emergency rescue worker, discharge of bodily fluids at public safety worker, battery or threat to law enforcement, resisting an officer and substantial bodily harm/soft tissue injury and on a probation hold.

Officers were treated for significant exposures due to the spitting and biting.