Homeless man beaten on State Street

One man severely injured another homeless man

· Nov 10, 2016 Tweet

Joey Reuteman/The Badger Herald

A fight between two homeless men broke out on the 500 block of State Street Wednesday evening.

According to a Madison Police Department incident report, 29-year-old Jason Buttchen severely beat a 36-year old homeless man after he refused to move his belongings.

Buttchen continued to hit the victim in the face, rendering him unconscious at a certain point.

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A passerby told police that Buttchen repeatedly punched and kicked the victim, even when he was lying defenselessly on the ground, MPD spokesperson Joel DeSpain said.

The entire incident was recorded by a local surveillance camera, DeSpain said.

While the victim sustained significant head injuries, he will survive.

Buttchen is currently in jail on a tentative charge of second degree reckless endangerment.


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