Nonprofits around Madison are putting on fundraisers through partnerships with a local brewery that creates craft brews for a cause.

The Next Door Brewing Company creates community collaboration beers to raise money and awareness for nonprofit organizations.

Next Door has collaborated with multiple businesses and organizations for special events to raise money and awareness for different causes, Pepper Stebbins, partner of Next Door said.

Collaborating with different businesses and organizations is an unspoken “mantra” of their business plan, Stebbins explained.

“We really wanted to entrench ourselves into the community,” Stebbins said. “We’ve really been able to help multiple organizations such as the Dane County Humane Society, the League of Conservation Voters and the Madison Ballet.”

Next Door connects organizations to head brewer Bryan Kreiter to collaborate on the style of beer the company could brew and make it accessible to sell over the counter, Stebbins said.

Kreiter formulates a recipe for the beer, and the organization returns a week later or so to plan the logistics of the event, as well as when the limited-edition beer will be released, Stebbins said.

During the event, for every pint of specially brewed beer, Next Door gives one dollar back to the organization, Stebbins said.

After the events, they will give 50 cents a pint back until the beer runs out, he said.

Recently, Next Door held two events in which they collaborated with the Society of Professional Journalists’ Madison chapter and Gilda’s Club, Stebbins said.

In addition, Next Door has collaborated with Sustain Dane, an organization in the Madison region that works to display a national model for sustainability and innovation, Stebbins said.

The event brought many sustainability champions and past program participants together to celebrate current and future accomplishments and to try to make Madison more sustainable, Lauren Beriont, director of Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative of Sustain Dane, said.

The beer brewed for the event was named the “Triple Bottom Brew.” Beriont said the name was a play on the founding principles of sustainability: equity, environment and economy.

The brew was aged in French oak chips, cocoa nibs and grand marnier, a “crazy combination,” but one that was highly drinkable, Beriont said.

“We were a part of the beer recipe brainstorming, brewing and event planning for the beer release,” Beriont said. “The Next Door staff are really friendly, helpful and fun to work with.”

Since the event with Next Door, Sustain Dane has had some ideas “brewing” and would like to see where they would go, Beriont said.

They’ve also expressed interest in collaborating with Next Door again, Stebbins said.

“If anyone wants to come back to us, to throw another event at our place and do another collaborated beer with us, we would be more than happy to discuss the opportunity with them,” Stebbins said.