UW-Madison Campus

SSFC debates zero funding Student Veterans of America, adjusts their own budget

SSFC makes changes to their own budget

UW-Madison Campus

State legislators discuss differing views of campus free speech bill

Proposed bills to pay UW athletes, create standardized protocol for protesting, ease credit transfers


Foundation calls students voter ID requirements restricting, sues Wisconsin Elections Commission

This student voter ID law creates undue burden for student voters, foundation says

State of Wisconsin

40% of Wisconsin voters support impeachment, study finds

Support declined from 44% before public impeachment hearings

UW-Madison Campus

ASM hears Rape Crisis Center presentation, approves new legislation on work place safety

Rape Crisis Center introduced new delivery model to provide support

State of Wisconsin

Republican state representative sues Evers over violation of open records

Republicans accuse Evers of lacking transparency

City of Madison

Experts discuss public transportation issues, say public’s opinion must be considered

Expert says current roads should be fixed before being expanded


County Executive announces funds for new mental health initiative, UW Health collaborates

UW Health plans to collaborate on new initiative

UW-Madison Campus

Memory loss diagnoses come early with Down syndrome

Researchers hope to inspire preventative measures with study


UW students seek aid as gap between in-state and out-of-state student funding becomes apparent

Out-of-state, potential future Badger said it's 'horrible' to not be able to attend dream school due to financial status