City of Madison

Man arrested in connection with Langdon Street gunfire

MPD says one arrest was made and additional arrests are expected

UW-Madison Campus

‘UW 4 Whites Only’ poster taped to Science Hall sign overnight

UW says they are investigating the incident

UW-Madison Campus

SSFC denies Queen In You funding, cuts F.H. King Students for Sustainable Agriculture’s budget

Member said group may not choose what is best for student body


UWPD to implement new scanning technology to identify weapons

'We take security on campus very seriously,' UWPD spokesperson said

UW-Madison Campus

‘Who owns science?’ panel explores representation in STEM

Panelists describe initiatives for diversity, inclusion in science

UW-Madison Campus

UW appoints director of tribal relations

Director to collaborate, connect with 12 First Nations of Wisconsin

City of Madison

Shake Shack to open in Madison

Burger chain plans to open at Hilldale Mall in 2020

UW-Madison Campus

ASM hears from chancellor about diversity, sexual assault

ASM votes to move forward in putting emergency numbers on Wiscards

UW-Madison Campus

Soil scientist discusses soil crisis, calls for higher public awareness

Handelsman emphasized importance of education for sustainable practices

UW-Madison Campus

Science writers discuss public perceptions, misconceptions about science

Scientific research follows processes to validate, refute prior evidence