2020 is like your third-grade birthday. You know, the one you were looking forward to because you had a cool theme and pinata and funky cake picked out? And so you started the prep work and invited your whole class and closest best friends? You even wore your best purple shirt to flatter your olive skin tone and some rockin’ flare pants from, idk, The Gap. But when 3 p.m. rolled around on Saturday, Nov. 8 only two people were on your porch?

So, you wanted to cry. Like just BAWL and scream into the void. But you put on a brave face and blew out all your candles and decided — no, we’re going to be mature about this. You’re 11, and it’s time to own up to all your mistakes, failures and lack of real friends. You’re going to make this party WORK!

Alright, so maybe 2020 was worse than your third-grade birthday party. But at the end of the day, both events have taught us similar values. For example — who your real friends are … and you might have fun including your little sister after all. It’s okay to eat your feelings. And sometimes it’s okay to punch things. Flare never went out of style and materialism is super out of style. Except for when the materials are kind of fun. Maybe bangs could work again? And of course – tough times lead to some great, or at least laughable, memories.

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Surprise, I got through that birthday party and WE can get through 2020. Maybe? So, instead of reminiscing on the negatives of this year — you know, the endless hours on TikTok, every single fun event being canceled, that one corona scare you had, the actual corona you contracted, your university being an absolute clown time and time again, etcetera — let’s focus on the highlights of 2020!!! The article might be longer than you think!

You saved a whole lot of money this year! In combination with getting unemployment and not going out as much, you should be proud of all the money you saved. Sure, you got a few Amazon packages here, a few UberEats there and maybe a whole new wardrobe you can’t wear anywhere, but you’re still in the green, Bella! I promise buying a weekly Tito’s handle is cheaper than any Saturday drink special. You could probably set the curve in Econ 101 with this new skill!

You learned a whole new set of vocab! Do you know anyone who said “unprecedented” before 2020? Along with “more now than ever before,” “in-person events,” and “Zoom,” you don’t even need to read your yearly book. Vocabulary = expanded.

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You realized none of your experiences are unique! Social media taught us one thing — everyone is the same. Not only did people react to the pandemic uniformly (do toilet paper and flour ring a bell?), apps like TikTok brought back childhood memories or personal experiences that literally everyone on the app related to. We staaaan originality!

You figured out your learning style! It’s Anything Other Than What We’re Doing Right Now. Which is weird, because I thought it was visual!

You got creative! In ways to drink with friends, have parties with friends, drink and listen to music with friends — a whole bunch of things. Whether this creativity took place over FaceTime, outdoors and six feet apart or alone with a bottle of sangria the size of your head, you should applaud yourself for thinking outside of the box.

You really discovered yourself this year. Things you like, things you hate, things you would buy from the store if you were only given five minutes, because you don’t trust anyone and maybe it’s actually just fine being home all day.

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Listen, being alone 24/7 in your childhood bedroom that is just begging to be repainted is not easy. Being trapped inside your apartment with two roommates who you were sooo excited to live with this year is not easy. Taking classes that you weren’t going to pay attention to anyway underneath a comforter that you’ve never washed? Not easy. But somehow, you got to the end of this article. And that’s all that matters.

Bellas, if you’re still reading, know the end is here. Near. Nigh. Whatever. This jank year is almost over and you’ve got a bunch of cool things to look back on, tbh. I mean, just imagine what a good history fair presentation your grandchild will make about your experience living through a pandemic. Eek!

Into 2021 we ascend, mamas! Blast off, bitch <3