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Highlights from this year! They exist! Kind of! Yay!

What will we blame everything on next year?


Neutral funding: Behind the ideologies that determine which student orgs get how much tuition money

To Supreme Court, back, an ASM committee approves student org budgets, delegates tuition funds

UW-Madison Campus

DREAMers of UW funding eligibility vote postponed until late November

Badger Catholic requested an increased budget for several of their core programs amid other cuts

City of Madison

Madison ranked fifth happiest city in US

Cities ranked based on well-being, income, environment

Letter to the Editor

Badger$ense — the best way to read a job offer

Badgers are in high demand by employers, but they should look at more than salary when comparing offers


UBI promises cash, dignity, possibility to those who need it most

Basic income to pilot in Milwaukee

City of Madison

As Chinese import fewer recyclables, Madison’s profits go down

'The recycling system still functions, the money’s just not there like it once was,' recycling coordinator says


Common cents: Back-to-school budget tips

SOHE's Badger$ense Financial Life Skills program offers practical pointers to start your year off right


Money Matters: Unprecedented levels of campaign fundraising and election spending characterize 2018 midterm

Politicians, voters in Wisconsin wrestle with influence of outside spending, corporate donors in state elections


Small business ownership, while valuable, unrealistic for bombarded college students

UW should implement more entrepreneurially-centered courses for eager students

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