2016 has barely been over for two months and election season has already hit us once again, except this time the candidates will ACTUALLY address our needs.

Seniors Peter Shire and Matthew Incha have announced their candidacies for Senior Class President and Vice President, and they are the right people for the job.

Both have explicitly stated in their campaign biographies how they will address the issues at hand and supplied their over-qualified backgrounds to support their platforms. Both candidates will do an excellent job, complementing each other in the highest office in the land.

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Originally from Fon du Lac, Wisconsin, Shire claims to have qualified experience because somebody once told him “the world was gonna roll me,” even though he “ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed.”

On Shire’s shoulder stands Incha, another active participant in the race for the generations, where he states he has “a great deal of experience in reading and writing about a variety of social issues on Facebook.” Clearly an invaluable trait for a class president, Incha’s stake in this race is too strong to pull out.

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Basing his policies off his idols Ronald Reagan, Karl Marx and Mr. Meeseeks among others, Incha has studied the right people to do an effective job in office. Incha’s campaign slogan says it all, “You could vote for these other people with better credentials, but you could also like, not do that and vote for me instead.”

Please vote for these beautiful men, they’re the saviors we need in an office of this caliber.