One would hope the buildings that produce the most innovation on campus would have the nicest bathrooms to accompany them.

The case of the restrooms in the Biotechnology Center, however, supports this claim only to an extent.

While generally a nice, clean restroom, it was not one of the most astonishing discoveries the University of Wisconsin has made in the genetics department over the last 100 years.

To start, the entrance gives the patron some suspense since there’s an inability to see around the corner upon entry. The wrap around then gives the full reveal to a spacious area that is ready for the skidmarks of history to be made.

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Dan Chinitz/The Badger Herald

The makeup of the genetics bathroom is composed of one part urinal and two parts stall.

The stalls are low enough to the ground that people can easily avoid getting a “crick” in their legs. The doors are also adequate for privacy so making an “insertion” into the toilet is a pleasant experience.

If a dump happens to be mutated enough that it doesn’t swirl into a nice double helix, then everyone else in the restroom will know someone is having some trouble because of the intimate nature in the poop lab.

But this negative level of familiarity isn’t as bad as it seems because there are rarely any people in the building’s bathroom. Even so, people are (relatively) 98.6 percent the same, so no hard feelings!

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Dan Chinitz/The Badger Herald

Regardless, it’s a great bathroom for experimentation if you find yourself in the neighborhood.

Temperature: Nice

Traffic: Virtually none

Stalls: Decent privacy

Toilet Paper: Adequately cozy

Sinks: Manual 

Dryers: One paper towel dispenser, one hands-free dryer

Cell Service: Stupendous

Germaphobe friendly: Surprisingly not

Overall: 3.5/5