It’s true — science is not a liberal conspiracy

Partisan divide in public trust of scientists reveals Republican scientific policy counteracts research, progress


Point Counterpoint: Under President Trump, the universe is the limit

Trump administration's commitment to Space Force, expansion of space exploration will establish US as international leader


Point Counterpoint: Democrats will take us onward and upward into space

Democratic politicians' history of innovation in space exploration stands as stark contrast to Trump administration's lack of commitment to science


Stemming from a young age: Girls need role models in STEM fields

UW professor Ahna Skop was selected to be ambassador for AAAS, will likely be strong role model for women in STEM fields


With scientific innovation comes need for caution

New uses of CRISPR are exciting, but expansion to home kits may prove risky

UW-Madison Campus

UW biotechnologists fight antibiotic resistance with “broken scissors”

Researcher says CRISPR gene editing techniques may fix antibiotic resistance issues


Wisconsin Science Festival encourages bridging of arts, sciences

In panel combining science, arts representatives, making science more appealing through arts became central idea

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Science Festival returns for its ninth year

This year, science extends into realm of arts

UW-Madison Campus

Limnologist discusses UW’s role as first university limnology department

Several prominent researchers pioneered field

UW-Madison Campus

Professor describes the science behind science communication

Knowing audience, appealing to values are the most important elements of science communication, professor says