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Science News

New UW project aims to create sustainable plant-based plastics

Project hopes to better local economies, environment using national grant funding

Science News

Art exhibit showcases data science art, promotes data science careers

Artwork at Image Lab explores ‘beauty of creativity’ involved in data science

Science News

Science Magazine editor-in-chief on how science ‘lost’ America, how to gain it back

Politicization of science is ideological debate about government regulation, Thorp says

Science News

Mycological Menagerie: Gallery in WID showcases fungal art

Gallery bridges disconnection between science, beauty, art, curator says

Science News

The Lab Report: How past life could predict otherworldly life

Kaçar lab ‘resurrects ancestral genes’ through interdisciplinary science


The ‘S’ in STEM: Sexism in STEM classes places barriers for underrepresented students

Women, nonbinary students call for change in STEM majors, overall field 

Science News

The Lab Report: Video games foster intellectual growth, connect scientists to public

Field Day Labs works with scientists to communicate research findings through interactive games


Podcast: Scientific misinformation

Science editor Scott McInerney interviews UW professors Dietram Scheufele and Sedona Chinn about the causes and effects of scientific misinformation

Science News

STEM students with disabilities face extra barriers in earning degree

Inability to accommodate disability restrictions create 'unwelcoming' culture in STEM field

Science News

UW researchers study health outcomes of Black women in academia

High-stress work environment linked to negative mental, physical health outcomes, research aims to inform policy change

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