Need to drop a quick one? What about an emergency stinker? Well, for all you engineers, biomedical sciences is the place to be.

On the corner of Henry Mall and University, the Biomedical Science building looms over all of the popular engineering lunch spots, most importantly QQ’s Express with their delicious, diarrhea-inducing feasts.

Biomedical Sciences is the nicest gas station bathroom you’ve ever been to. You’re in and out before you even realize what you just ate was probably just a solid laxative.

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Dan Chinitz/The Badger Herald

The placement of the bathroom is one of the most strategic locations on the campus. Placed right in front of the main door, no time is wasted getting from the door to the crapper.

Once inside, it opens up to a quick turn around and a small but roomy bathroom, all set with two urinals, two sinks and two stink eaters. Biomedical Sciences has an “in and out” vibe that works incredibly during off times.

It’s a systematic bathroom, designed where six people can rotate through the cycle of amenities. During rush hour, this is where Biomedical Sciences has flaws in their own little experiment. Too many people are moving between the closest lecture hall and the main door that have been holding it in for too long and the chamber backs up, giving way to the system.

This is a serious flaw. For anyone who is in an emergency, be wary. I got caught up after an emergency QQ’s poop when class got out around noon. Just as I began to start painting the toilet brown, a hoard of really needy students came in demanding I hurry and there’s only so much one can do after QQ’s.

Dan Chinitz/The Badger Herald

After discovering this terrifying aspect, I gave Biomedical another try at an off hand time and turns out it was quite the peaceful poop. The toilets were clean, sinks worked and everything was fine and convenient for my post-QQ’s dump of the day. The only other down side was a lack of paper towels for my germaphobe hands to pull open the door. Other than that, not bad Biomedical Sciences, not bad.

Temperature: Comfortable

Traffic: Terrifying

Stalls: 1 regular, 1 handicap

Toilet Paper: 1 ply

Sinks: 2

Dryers: Old-style automatic, no paper towels

Cell Phone Service: Superb speeds

Toilet Flush Mechanism: Manual, accessible by foot

Graffiti: None

Overall: 2.5/5