One page at a time: looking at libraries as essential services

How the community hub continues to provide people with unique resources


Breaking: Having empty coffee cup in front of you now stops the spread of COVID-19

This new science is helpful for people who deeply care about their peers but are often minorly inconvenienced


Respect yourself, stop flirting with 23-year-old Epic employees on Tinder

Opening lines that'll nip your relationship angst in the bud (butt? [who even knows])


Spring semester scopes

If you're looking for an unfunny, completely baseless read on yourself, look no further


Highlights from this year! They exist! Kind of! Yay!

What will we blame everything on next year?


Spotify Wrapped unveils how tough you really had it in quarantine

If that underground, grunge boy band didn't make your top artists, did you really struggle?


Top 10 hottest radio hosts

Almost none of their faces match their voices, and you’ll probably be disappointed even if they do


New ‘Bachelorette’ season allows misogyny to resurface … in a fun way!

Break out the rosé and refresh your Twitter feed — the Trashiest Show on Television is back from its hiatus


Herald Halloween Contest proves dicier than presidential election

In totally unfair, rigged election, Banter Editor takes Notable Mention, other editors win


Voting blue: Why America needs a water sign president

It’s frankly inappropriate to let a Gemini have a second term in office

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