Sister Cindy must face social consequences for harmful speech

Despite leading hateful sermons on college campuses, Christian preacher garners broad support online


Corporate Pride collections represent performative LGBTQ+ activism

Large companies tout support for LGBTQ+ community while failing to offer financial, political backing


Response sculpture in “re:mancipation” exhibit sparks dialogues over history, art, racism

"Lifting the Veil" empowers through symbolism while starting important conversations about American history


Support for local journalism essential for strong democracy

As local newspapers fade, we must support vitality of print journalism while radio fills coverage gaps


Among many criticisms, Utah social media law imposes sweeping First Amendment restrictions

Though intended to protect minors on social media, Utah law may unconstitutionally prevent some adults from accessing digital content


‘Driver’s licenses for all’ is necessary starting point to enable broader immigration reform

Amidst growing calls to expand driver's licenses pathways, Wisconsin must adopt progressive "driver's license for all," other progressive immigration reforms


Congressional term limits are necessary to ensure accountable representatives

After another representative breaks personal pledge, US must seriously consider Congressional term limits


Madison must critically examine inherent discrimination in single-family zoning

By creating additional barriers for renters, single-family zoning perpetuates racist housing conditions


Lawmakers’ selections of less ‘controversial’ honorees for Black History Month harms racial equality

Efforts of white legislators to control Black History Month honorees damages activist efforts, marginalizes Black voices


Democrats’ new primary schedule better serves racially diverse electorate

Upending decades of tradition, new schedule changes primary landscape, recalibrates campaign tactics

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