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10 Halloween costumes you’ll see this year

From Barbie to Michael Jordan, pop culture will inspire costumes this year
Riley Steinbrenner

It’s that time of year again! October — when the leaves start to turn a luscious orange, kids from warmer climates start to wear winter jackets and most importantly, Halloween celebrations begin. Halloween has much to enjoy for candy cravers or horror hounds.

But, the tradition shared by most of us involves some form of costume. Maybe you wore one trick-or-treating in elementary school or to a party in high school. Perhaps you bought one last-minute at Party City or painstakingly sewed one yourself. Regardless of how you found one or why you’re wearing one, costumes play an important role in our cultural perception of Halloween and in many of our celebrations around it.

The possibilities for costumes are endless, but there’s always the chance of wearing the same costume as someone else. For some people, this is awkward a sign that you’re unoriginal or that you and a stranger are seemingly on the same wavelength. For others, this can be exciting! Maybe you’re matching with a friend or maybe you’ll make one through a shared interest. Regardless, it’s good to know what you should and shouldn’t expect.


We’ve polished our crystal ball and have studied it long and intently to produce the following list of 10 Halloween costumes that will be popular this year.

1. Barbie

Starting with one of the most popular movies this year, many of Barbie’s costumes and personas will be represented this Halloween. In this case, the possibilities are near-endless, with stereotypical Barbie and Dr. Barbie as just a couple examples. Just be sure to say “Hi, Barbie!” to any others who share your inspiration.

2. Ken

“Barbie” was such a popular film that both its titular protagonist and her male counterpart will make a great choice for your Halloween costume this year. Similarly to Barbie, Ken has multiple outfits and personas. No matter which you ultimately decide to dress as, know that you will always be Kenough.

3. Oppenheimer

Continuing with characters from popular movies this year, you can expect to see many dressed as J. Robert Oppenheimer — maybe Halloween will be a chance for physics majors if they ever manage to clear their mountains of homework. This Halloween will see many suits, fedoras and references to the amazing film.

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4. Cast of “Succession”

Shifting away from movies and toward television, the hilarious and tragic final season of “Succession” aired earlier this year. The professional suits and dresses of the cast could be popular with business majors, though the show’s widespread appeal and popularity will mean costumes abound and maybe a professor or two will represent Logan, a main character!

5. Ted Lasso

A similar comedy with dramatic elements, the interesting protagonist of “Ted Lasso” will definitely be popular this Halloween. The series will likely be represented by sports fans, enjoyers of comedy or anyone else who found themselves enjoying the series.

6. Monkey D. Luffy

Though it may be odd to see a manga character in a list of popular Halloween costumes, anime has risen in popularity over the last few years. “One Piece” has recently surpassed “Harry Potter” in global book sales and the recent live-action series on Netflix has attracted many new fans. Some of these fans may decide to dress as Monkey D. Luffy this year, “One Piece” captain of the Straw Hat Pirates.

7. Miles Morales

Another incredibly popular animated release this year was “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.” Though many Spider-mens appear in the movie, Miles Morales will probably be the most popular of the bunch, considering that he is the film’s protagonist.

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8. Taylor Swift

Venturing away from fictional works and to the real-world, this year was momentous for Taylor Swift. Whether it was her “Eras” tour earlier this year, her upcoming cinematic release or her potential relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift has remained as relevant as ever — and is therefore a top pick for a Halloween costume.

9. Rihanna

Another hit singer from our generation, Rihanna also had an eventful year. Her most notable claim to fame was during the Super Bowl halftime show, which received over 120 million views more than any other halftime show in history. Her iconic red outfit during that major show is likely to be popular this Halloween.

10. Michael Jordan

Lastly, we believe Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls to be popular this Halloween for a few reasons. First, his reputation proceeds him though he has retired, he is still regarded as one of the best basketball players of all time. Second, he is extremely popular among Chicago residents, many of whom attend the University of Wisconsin. Also, “Air” released earlier this year a film centered around Jordan’s famous shoe line.

Some might be nervous in the weeks leading up to Halloween. There’s quite a bit of stress when it comes to deciding on a costume whether or not you want to dress uniquely or share an outfit with others but ultimately the best Halloween costume is whichever you’re happiest with. Pick the costume you like and the one you feel comfortable in. Halloween is a celebration, not a contest, so enjoy the festivities in the outfit of your choice.

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