For the past few months, American music companies geared up for the 2020 election with popular campaigns to support voting. These three played a major role in recruiting new voters and empowering those to let their voices be heard.

Sony Music Entertainment: “Your Voice, Your Power, Your Vote”

This year, the Sony Music Group focused their campaign on a video with featured musicians from their company. Big names in the industry like Khalid, G-Eazy, P!nk, Camilla Cabello and DJ Kaled encouraged their fans to go out and vote in the election with impactful quotes, addressing the common misconception that votes do not count.

Other music legends including Shakira, Celine Dion and Gloria Estefan also made appearances.

Sony has also made an impact with its recent initiative to provide voting tools to artists, employees and fans, as well as partnerships with companies like Lyft to provide discounted rides to the polls. Here’s a link to the popular video.

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Spotify: “Play Your Part” 

Throughout the month, Spotify produced election-related material, including playlists from younger artists to encourage Gen-Z and other first-time voters to engage in American politics.

These musicians include King Princess, Conan Gray and Chloe x Halle. They also highlighted new podcasts that broadcast varying political opinions, including Ben Shapiro and other commentators, as well as news networks like NPR, CNN and FOX. These podcasts covered a wide array of topics, including social justice, climate change and the pandemic.

Spotify also partnered with HeadCount, Ballot Ready and TurboVote to engage consumers with their political tool kit. They stress that it’s not about voting red or blue — it’s about voting in the most important election of our time.

Estrella Media: “Vota Por Nosotros” 

Estrella Media is a media and music company that produces content primarily for Spanish speakers. A campaign targeted at Hispanic voters, Vota Por Nosotros enrolled the help of popular artists, including Maná, Alejandro Fernandez and Los Angeles Azules, to promote voter participation.

Latino voters are projected to be the largest ethnic minority pool in this year’s election, and according to the Pew Research Center, it could be as high as 13% of voters

Before the election, Estrella Media recorded messages from their celebrities and sent them out on TV, digital media and radio. They strive to empower Latino voters to claim their right and stress that all voices have the right to be heard.

These are only few of the many companies and organizations that have aided in the largest voter turnout in history. Whether in music, entertainment or other categories, American industries have started doing their part to empower voters and improve turnout for the good of U.S. politics.

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