Social media has done wonders for political activism

Rather than distracting from real world, social media engages young people in political discourse


Happy Presidents’ Day! Now go vote

Right to vote gives each voter power to influence Wisconsin economy, political climate

City of Madison

Everything you need to know about the February spring primary

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Feb. 20


Voter ID laws discriminate based on race, socioeconomic status

The color of one’s skin or amount of money saved in bank not grounds for revocation of rights


Civic engagement your duty as an American, so take action

Take personal responsibility to understand your local elections, because your vote matters


Voting has never been more important for students than it is now

Making sure officials are elected that represent the UW system's best interests key for Wisconsin students


Criminal disenfranchisement: 21st century America’s suffrage crisis

Prisoners in the American prison system should have the opportunity to vote on issues that directly affect their lives both inside prison and once they are released


Why, and how, to get informed about what’s going on in government

Americans need to take the time to become more educated about their own government


Wisconsinites should get more involved in smaller elections

For our democratic system to work to its fullest potential, every eligible voter needs to turn out

State of Wisconsin

Mid-recount update shows nearly no change in election result

Over 70 percent of ballots counted