State control over voting procedures is an unfair, antiquated practice

Important issues that decided the character of the nation, like electoral practices, should be under the authority of the federal government

State of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Elections Commission warns against faulty third party voting materials

Voters’ best sources of information about voter registration, absentee voting are local clerks, website


Editorial board: Convoluted student voting system discourages participation

Between gathering a litany of ID forms and making sure they'll even be accepted, casting ballot is an unnecessarily complicated mess


To increase voter turnout, don’t look to automatic voter registration

Wisconsin could potentially be next state to consider this easy way of registering to vote, but key debates underlying its enactment are worth noting


If you don’t trust the voting system, you need to vote to change it

To implore officials to fix broken voting system, we need to take active role in elections

UW-Madison Campus

Despite apparent declining faith in voter system, vote remains integral, panel says

New anti-establishment movement has brought more voters out of the woodwork


Disconnecting government from politics is not effective way to encourage voting

Promotion of politics, education will make constituents more aware of positive impact of voting


Political right’s delegitimization of youth voices a clear mask for fear

Dennis Prager's remarks, though understandable, ignore historical nuances that prove youth drive political activism


UW’s impressive voter turnout reflects insurgence of student activism

Students must stay engaged, energized to continue recently galvanized movement of political activism


Legislative laziness affects more than your schedule, Senators

Reading a law cover to cover should be an expectation, not a goal