With no end date to coronavirus pandemic, absentee voting key to preserving democracy

As pandemic impacts voter turn-out, especially those compromised, mail-in voting will ensure people don't have to choose between voting, their safety

State of Wisconsin

Marquette Law School poll results show Wisconsinites support measures dealing with COVID-19

86% support, 10% saw responses as an 'overreaction'

City of Madison

City officials work to ensure accessible voting during COVID-19 outbreak

'While the COVID-19 pandemic raises a host of unique challenges to voting this year, it remains just as important as ever,' Madison Mayor says


Despite Democrats’ fears, the exclusion of past registered Wisconsin voters is not unconstitutional

While voter list purge may not impact voter turnout in Wisconsin, it sets a new precedent among Republicans as a means of voter suppression.


The student vote: A threat no one saw coming

As voter turnout among students increases, so have efforts to silence students — here's why that matters


Point Counterpoint: Voter ID laws preserve electoral integrity

With ample opportunity to obtain proper identification and allowance for exceptions, voter ID laws in Wisconsin are common sense


Point Counterpoint: Voter ID laws lock out America’s minorities

Barriers to obtain ID limits vote, and lack of evidence of significant voter fraud discounts reasoning for such laws


College students should worry most about gerrymandering — here’s why

As the college student vote trends further left, this demographic is at risk of being a target for gerrymandering


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